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and have the testimonials to prove it.  These verifiable testimonials, dating all the way back to 2005, were posted to a third party website (long before we had our own website) by our customers who actually left links to their emails.  And on January 20, 2016 Melia even wrote in her 5-star review "Amazing" ... "If anyone wants to reach me to talk about my experience it is encouraged!"

★★★★★  wonderful experience

We recently bought an f1b puppy from Rick and Jo and we could not be happier. I spoke with several breeders when we started looking and they were by far the easiest to communicate with and answer all of my questions. My husband and I both spoke with Rick and Jo numerous times throughout the process of purchasing our puppy, and we both couldn't have been more pleased. Our little boy, Bentley, has been an absolute joy since we got him. He is great with our kids and other animals. It is very apparent that he was well socialized while living with them. If you are thinking of buying a puppy I would definitely recommend Rick and Jo; they are the best!!!

Reviewer: Jennifer, May 14, 2016


★★★★★   AMAZING!!

I got my puppy from Jo in December. I was nervous about getting a puppy so far away and flying him in. Jo made this experience a very positive one. She always returned my emails very quickly. She sent pictures almost daily for me so I could keep up with the growth of my puppy. When it came to shipping it started to get cold outside. When my puppy landed I noticed his cage was wrapped with carpet so he wouldn't get cold!! How sweet! My dog, Oakley, is the smartest little guy I have ever seen. He is also the cutest and very healthy. I would recommend Jo to anyone. I definitely will be purchasing again from her in the future. If anyone wants to reach me to talk about my experience it is encouraged!

Reviewer: Melia, January 20, 2016


★★★★★   Best Dog I've Ever Had

Our labradoodle "Teddy" is now 9.5 years old. At that time we knew very little about this breed. I have to say that he is the best dog I have ever had. He's a big sweetie and loved by everyone who meets him. He loves all dogs and even cats. I can't say enough about how happy we are that we have been blessed to have this incredible dog from Jo and her family. Teddy has become a local celebrity in our community, has been on local TV and lead our towns Christmas parade a couple of years back. Just wanted to say Thank You, He has brought such joy into our lives!

Reviewer: Yvonne, October 7, 2014


★★★★★   Most Loving Little girl

We bought a Red Standard Poodle from Jo and Rick in July. This has to be the most loving and intelligent puppy we have ever had. Jo and Rick are truly the best breeders. They did everything possible to make the transition for Bella easy. From sending a cloth with "smells" to shipping overnight to not stress out Bella. Bella came already pad trained and at 5 months knows more commands than most adult dogs. I would tell anyone who is looking for a loving companion to contact Jo. Thanks Jo, Diane and Grace M

Reviewer: Diane, October 1, 2012




★★★★★  He is cuter than his pictures

Our goldendoodle puppy arrived a few days ago safe and sound from Jo in Las Vegas. He is just a love and my children are enamored by him already! We were so nervous before he arrived but now we can't imagine not having him around. We have named him Snoopy He arrived clean and is very well behaved and socialized. We can tell that he was raised inside a home and is certianly not afraid of people. We just got back from his first visit with our vet and all is just fine. :) We couldn't be happier! Thank you Jo and Rick!!

Reviewer: Felicia, September 27, 2012


★★★★★  Goldendoodle!

We are so grateful to Jo for our golden doodle Slick... she was very helpful through the process, answer all our questions and is very lovely. Our family felt very at ease with her and we couldn't have selected a sweeter puppy without her help! Our puppy is almost 20 weeks now; he is very playful,smart, loves to go for walks, very protective our 6 yr old son, and he is housebroken already :-) . You will love Jo and her puppies! H. Hart

Reviewer: heddamarie, August 20, 2012


★★★★★  Rating

We bought a female from Jo and she was the best host and the dogs were well taken care of. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to buy a standard poodle from her. My dog is so sweet and willing to learn, she is great with other dogs and kids, so the puppies are well cared for. From 0 to 10, I rate her a 10!!!!!! The BEST!

Reviewer: yvonne, July 25, 2012


★★★★★  Cavapoo Puppies From Jo

We purchased our sweet, darling, smart Cavapoo puppy Katie from Jo just two weeks ago. We met both of Katie's parents, her father, a handsome Cavalier King Charles, and her mother, a calm and gentle Standard Poodle. Katie is the perfect combination of both. Our experience with Jo was wonderful. She was so sweet and kind. I have been reading the Cesar Millan book, How to Raise the Perfect Puppy, and he states that the "energy" in a puppy's environment is reflected in the puppy's personality. It seems to be true in the case of of Jo's puppies. We could not be more pleased.

Reviewer: kathy, November 3, 2011


★★★★★  Cavapoo puppy purchased 03/25/2011

Wow!!! I just had the nicest experience purchasing a puppy this week. Thanks to Jo and Rick we purchased a cavapoo puppy and had him shipped from Vegas to Indianapolis. The puppy arrived in his crate in perfect condition. The little guy made it the whole way without any accidents in his crate. I am completely amazed at his wonderful personality and gentle calmness. He is definitely amazing and adjusting well. This is going to be one smart little dog. If your considering buying a pup from this breeder....go ahead and take the leap, you won't be disappointed. From start of the purchasing process to the finish this breeder is excellent.

Reviewer: saundra, March 25, 2011


★★★★★  I love my puppy

We picked up our adorable Cavapoo male puppy from the airport and we couldn't have been happier with everything. He arrived safe/sound and adjusted immediately. He is now the love of our lives. You can tell from talking with her that she truly loves her dogs and wants them in a good home. She is easy to work with on travel arrangements and makes things happen so smoothly. We would absolutely recommend her.

Reviewer: Judy, March 9, 2011


★★★★★   THANK YOU JO!


Reviewer: holly, December 29, 2010


​★★★★★ A great Experience

I just wanted to say that purchasing a Standard Poodle from Jo was a great choice.I am a breeder myself and I know the importance of making a Family feel at ease over a long distance arrangement. Jo did exactly that,once I decided on her white female pup,she and her husband Rick were prompt to find a flight schedule that would suit us both and within a week our beautiful,healthy,happy Krissee arrived in Pittsburgh.I would not hesitate to purchase another puppy from Jo. She is a very honest,pleasant person to work with who cares a great deal about her dogs,and it shows in her pups personality.Thank you Jo and Rick for a great puppy.Sincerely, Margee Detrow ohio

Reviewer: Margee, May 9, 2010




​★★★★★ Oodles of lovely doodles

We purchased the solo cream Labradoodle pup from Playdoh & Chip’s litter in Sept., 2009. We had a hard time leaving the little chocolate girl behind, because both pups had great personalities and temperaments. If we had the time for two new puppies we would have definitely taken both home. We flew from Baltimore to Vegas to visit the pups at Jo & Rick’s home. They were very accommodating, knowledgeable, and friendly people. They even bent over backwards to ensure Kalei had a health certificate for our flight back home. Our little Kalei is sweet, loving, calm, smart, and fun. She was surprisingly paper trained when we picked her up and she is close to being housebroken. Kalei was well behaved on the flight home and was the object of everyone’s attention on the plane. Our experience with Jo was outstanding from start to finish and it was obvious she loves her puppies and they love her. We highly recommend Jo & Rick to obtain a healthy and well-socialized puppy. Desiree & Matt Kraft

Reviewer: Desiree, September 14, 2009


​★★★★ pleased new puppy owner

the puppy i got from jo and rick is the best puppy ever!... i love her... the minute we met at the airport love at first sight,.. she was happy and sweet with lots of kisses,.. she was welcomed at 12:30pm by a house full of kids and loved it.. she pottied outside and fell asleep with us,... she stays by our side outside without a leash and comes when called, because she already knows her name (Lola) in only 3 days,... shes very pretty, she will be modeling a new look for our local petsmart salon.

Reviewer: jacqui, May 11, 2007


★★★★★ We love our pup!

We purchased a pup from Jo in December, 2005 and are first time Labradoodle parents. We love this pup, we named her Ruby Doodle Half a Poodle, Ruby for short. Very smart, very loving. All in all we had a very positive adopting experience with Jo. This is definitely our breed of choice and breeder of choice for future pet additions.

Reviewer: Nancy, August 28, 2006




★★★★★  Highly Recommended

We are so happy with our little girl, Hannah. She is from one of Baby and Buddys litters. She has brought so much joy to our family. She is absolutely beautiful like the pictures showed. She has a wonderful personality and is soo smart. We couldn't be more pleased. Hannah was sent to us from Nevada to Florida. Rick was great at making the reservation so quickly and making sure it was a flight where our puppy would be most comfortable. She arrived safely and healthy after a very long trip. Jo and Rick are such nice people. If you are considering buying a puppy, you can trust that their pups are well tempered, sweet, smart and beautiful. Karen from Orlando, Florida

Reviewer: Karen, September 15, 2005



★★★★★  Best Breeders of Standard Poodles Around! :-)

I purchased my beautiful, loving puppy last week from Rick and Jo. I traveled to Mississippi to retrieve him from his plane ride from Vegas! :-) I can't say enough about Rick and Jo. They are truly the best from beginning to end, well, there is no end with these wonderful people who take pride in breeding their dogs. I have to say that at only 9 weeks old, my darling "Kim's Prince Keno" is already housebroken! Unbelievable, I know, but true. It is obvious that they are not in this business for the $, but for breeding quality not quantity! I would highly recommend buying your new or next standard poodle from these wonderful people! I couldn't be happier and my puppy is just as beautiful as the pictures! :-) Thanks Rick and Jo, you've been great! Keno says Hi!

Reviewer: Kim, August 24, 2005


★★★★★  Awesome Pup!

I purchased a pup from Jo and Rick, and they are very nice people to deal with. Prompt and courteous in answering questions. Jo has a great sense of humor! Pup arrived in NH from Las Vegas as scheduled clean,dry and unshaken. We couldn't be more pleased. Thank you Jo and Rick. Diana in Vermont

Reviewer: Diana, July 24, 2005

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